Monday, 13 June 2011

1st Look- Sun & Moon- Reservation Dogs!

What would an issue of DOGBREATH be without another outing for Mr Sun & Mr Moon. This episode sees them working yet again with familiar faces from S/D history. Who is it this time? Why are they Crying? And why is this episode called 'Reservation Dogs'? You will need to get Dogbreath 24 to find out!


Coming soon to Zarjaz- Sam Slade makes his debut for us in DUST BUSTER by former editor Colin Dinnie and artist Jason Smith. Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 13- this is a long awaited arrival!

1st Look! Judge Dredd- Big Jimpin'

Recently completed ready for a later edition of Zarjaz- Judge Dredd- Big Jimpin' is by Lee Robson and David Broughton. Currently due to appear in Zarjaz 13 or 14.