Thursday, 15 May 2008

Post Bristol...

And so were back, from Bristol!

A complete blast and many thanks to everyone who came by and said hi. Zarjaz sold well enough that I've had to go back to the Printers for more, and Dogbreath was also up on its usual sales numbers for the weekend.

We managed to get some new stories organised, and hopefully made the connections to let us get some spectacular work in for next issue.

A shot of the table as it was on the sunday morning, before the hordes of cos-players arrived.

Former Zarjaz editor Colin has given me a box of old stock to sell, including th recent 30th anniversary Dredd psecial, and I am arranging for the entire run of these to be available in a discounted pack, from the FQP shop. Individual issues are also available if anyone want to mail me.

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