Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Dogbreath 19 and Zarjaz 06 ON SALE!

Hey Norms! The new comics are available to buy from the webshop. Follow the links hidden cunningly in the images to puchase yourself some hot rockin' action.

Dogbreath 19 featuring a cover by Dogbreath favourite Bruce McLaren.

Do you really need me to tell you that this cover is by the mighty Richard Elson? You better not...

More previews to follow over the next few days.


Emperor said...

Bruce's cover is, obviously, great but that is an amazing piece of work from Richard Elson, especially as it is done purely for love.

I saw the smaller version and was hoping you'd poster a bigger picture here and my hunch paid off in spades.

Kudos to you and Rich for another great effort.

Unknown said...

Emp- You want to see it at A3. it is beautiful.

Emperor said...

Damn you!!

That must be like Christmas with bacon on top!!