Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Z08 Pimpery 01

I bet none of thought you'd see the return of this fella! Brigand Doom returns in Crunch by The Emperor and Chris Geary. This is possibly the most timely strip we've ever managed. You do NOT want to miss this.


Emperor said...

Well that sample made me go "cooo" and I've seen the whole thing already!! Can't wait to see it on the page.

mygrimmbrother said...

That there is a really striking panel. Angle, shadows, tension. Can't wait for this.

Emperor said...

The script just dropped out of my head (the easiest one so far) but is also one I'm happiest with. The ease with which it arrived seemed slightly embarrassing compared to the sheer amount of thought and effort Chris has put in on this, and it paid off in spades - almost every panel has been honed on angle and shadow as well as building the tension, until the outbreak of violence.