Friday, 6 November 2009

November 2009: State of play.

I've recently been thinking that it might be of interest to folks out there to know what is going on currently.

So, Completed.
The cover to the next issue of Zarjaz (09) is completed and ready to use. It is our first Dredd cover, by Nigel Dobbyn.
Strip-wise we have:
Dreddheads by Paul Glasswell and Bolt-01- 1 page.
Judge Dredd- Death by Misadventure by Dave Hailwood and Stu Giddings- 6 pages.
Preview page ripped from Stu's Comicspace page
Rogue Trooper- Supplies by Steven Denton- 4 pages.
Tales of the G.I. In the Zone part 2 by Mike Carroll and Bolt-01- 5 pages
Judge Dredd- Father Figure by Paul Glasswell and Gibson Quarter- 6 pages
Page lifted from GQ's excellent blog

Over in Dogbreath we have, as ever, more Case files being analysed by Leigh.

Strip-wise so far we have:
Strontium Dog- Old Friend by Samson Horn and Jim Campbell- 5 pages.

And that is all :)

However we have quite a bit that is at the 'work' in progress' stage, but it would be rude of me to say what they were.

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