Monday, 15 March 2010

Zarjaz 09, Dogbreath 22: Available NOW!

The actual comic is due from the printer on Tueday 23rd March, but I am now able to start accepting pre-orders for the latest issues of both Zarjaz & Dogbreath.

Click the link on the right to visit the FQP shop, and can I also tell you that while you are there you can also get your hands on the latest, and possibly greatest, issue of FutureQuake.

As usual, I'll be posting preview panels from various strips during the initial launch, so today we present:

The Mighty SHAKO! Is back in Snack Attack, by Richmond Clements and Bryan Coyle.

Strontium Dog- Old Friend by Samson Horn and Jim Campbell.

Remember, it's not called Zarjaz for nothing!

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