Wednesday, 9 June 2010

1st Peek- Sun & Moon: Hunters of Bounty-

I know that the pic above is of the one and only 'Kid' Kneeble, but this is the first pic I want to share with you from the upcoming Mr Sun & Mr Moon strip for Dogbreath 23. As you can see James Feist has altered his drawing style, and I think it looks aces!


matthew mclaughlin said...

Ha, that's a great rendition of one of SD's goofiest Dogs. Can't wait to see more!

Emperor said...

Having had a sneaky peek at James' art for this story I think everyone is in for a treat when they see what is in store for them!! Warm up your groat dispenser as you'll not want to miss the next Dogbreath (and Zarjaz and SW and FQ and... well you get the point).

Dirk Van Dom said...

That looks really different and really cool! Like it a lot!