Friday, 27 August 2010

This Just In: Sun & Moon: Hunters of Bounty- Brainspotting.

This issues cover strip features a certain lumpy headed individual teaming up with our heroes as they undertake a mission that could only be called 'Brainspotting' The strip is by the Emperor and art by the newly multi toned James Feist

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Emperor said...

Its probably James' most impressive B&W work so far - there is a lot to get over in the script and he has knocked that angle out of the park, but that new style kicks it up a further notch. I'm really glad he also got to provide the cover as his work here is a little bit special so it might as well be trumpeted from the cover onwards.

Of course, what you don't see is Bolt's top-notch lettering - caught between the art and the words he has made it all work when I thought I'd need to do another pass to trim it down further.

As you can tell I'm very happy about this story and I hope you will be too gentle reader.