Friday, 17 September 2010

Death to the Future!

Judge Dredd- Death to the Future is a 10 page strip for Zarjaz by Lee Robson and Dunk! Nimmo.
Strontium Dog- Death to the Future is a 10 page strip for Dogbreath by Lee Robson and Dunk! Nimmo.

Do you see what that means?

Zarjaz 10 and Dogbreath 23 contain between them 20 pages of crossover action from the minds of Lee and Dunk!

Over on his blog, Dunk has been posting preview panels for a little while, and he, like the rest of us here is justifiable excited about this- the first ever cross-over between the two oldest 2000 AD based fanzines. Dunk has also posted a step-by-step for the opening page of the saga.

Lee has also posted about the launch over on his blog, and his prose is mighty.

Both titles will be available in time for the BICS gig in October, and after that from the FQP Webshop.

Remember, it’s not called Zarjaz for nothing- and you sneckin’ norms really have never had it so good!

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