Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zarjaz 14

Behind the astounding Devlin Waugh cover by Colin Macneil, Peeps the butler droid gives you:
Judge Dredd- Rich Pickings by Derek Hamill and George Coleman
Flesh: Ectinction- 2 by MJ Howard and Chris Geary
Devlin Waugh- A Night in Casablanca by Lee Robson and Jaye Franklin
Judge Dredd-Super Judge Squad by Stephen Reid
ABC- The Mighty Phononotron by MJ Howard and Tom Berry
Tales From The Black Museum-The Myth by Mike Lynch and Owen Watts

Available from the link on the right!


Flint Lockjaw said...

Looking forward to my comp copy! Love the cover of this issue.

Matt said...

That looks like a good line-up.

Think I'll pick this up from FPI when I'm next in town.

Matt Badham