Saturday, 29 June 2013

Covers- Dogbreath 27 & Zarjaz 18

Dogbreath 27 is being released from GCC custody and will be available very soon. Beneath the special cover by Ben Willsher we are proud to present 7 stories based in the universe of the STRONTIUM DOG.

You norms don't deserve it, but we are doing it anyway.

Over in Zarjaz 18, we bring you the latest all JUDGE DREDDworld issue of the 2000 AD fanzine. The 8 strips inside are so Thrill-powered that Peeps has had to have extra shielding installed, or maybe that shielding is to protect him from the wrath of Tharg when TMO realises that the covers above form a continuous image- something that 2000 AD and the Megazine have never done.

Both of these titles will be available soon from The FQP Webshop!

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