Tuesday 1 July 2014

Zarjaz 21

Available now- Zarjaz 21. It is the annual Dreddworld special, so we present 9 new strips featuring the denizens of Mega-City one in a stunning wraparound cover by the one and only Patrick Goddard. This issue is so thrill-packed it comes in at a whopping 56 pages.

Cover by Patrick Goddard & Owen Watts


Armitage- Descent by Martin Stiff

JUDGE DREDD- Day Shift by writer Mark Pexton and artist Sam Weller

JUDGE DREDD- Fantastic Voyage by writer Richard McAuliffe and artist Barry Renshaw

JUDGE DREDD- The Mega-City Missing  by writer Shaun Avery and artist Simon Bennett Hayes

JUDGE DREDD- True Believers by writer Lee Robson and artist Paul Williams (Who has already posted a nifty 'making of' blog)

JUDGE DREDD-Hanks Tale by writer Richmond Clements and artist David Broughton

LowLife- ReAssignmen tby writer Liz Boyle and artist Brian Rankin

Tales of Mega-City One- Citi-Def- Life On The Block by writer Matt Farr and artist Simon Petersen

Tales of Mega-City One-FearAndLoathing by writer Santiago Mayoud and artist Paul Williams

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it! From The FQP webshop

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