Sunday, 1 March 2015

Zarjaz 23

Anderson, PSI claims her first cover since the ‘0’ issue back in 2005 and brings Mark Harrison to the pages of Zarjaz. Containing a whopping 7 strips, Zarjaz 23 brings the finest talents in the small press to you.  48 pages for the amazing price of £3.00.


Anderson, PSI- The Line Of Duty by writer Lee Robson and artist Alfie Gallagher

Comic Rock- Silver Song by writer Matt Sharp and artist David Broughton

Future Shocks- The Ballad of Phat Toonie by writer JJ Robinson and artist Mike Bunt

JUDGE DREDD-Downtime by Martin Currie

JUDGE DREDD-Primal Scream by writer Adam Breen and artist Jim Lavery

JUDGE DREDD-The Trial by Stuart Catley

Tales Of Mega-City One- Partners by writer Alexi Conman and artist Roland Bird

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it! From The FQP Webshop

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