Friday, 17 April 2015

Zarjaz & Dogbreath on the road!

This weekend sees the first gig for me for the year- and it is a new one.

The Comic Festival will be taking place all day tomorrow (Saturday 18th April) and will be the best way to get your copies of all things Zarjaz & Dogbreath related.

Zarjaz 23 cover by Mark Harrison

Full runs of both titles are currently available, but quantities are limited, so if there are any issues you really need let me know so I can bring one for you.

Dogbreath 29 cover by MMatt Timson

Always worth reminding folks that all sales over £10 can claim a free mini-sketch courtesy of proto-droid Bolt-01. Many of these are also being given out as part of the early bird goodie bags at the gig, but if you get a sketch from me you can choose!

Also available are the scrotnig Zarjaz postcards. All five of these limited edition cards are going to be available, either individually or as a set.

Finally, I am pleased to announce a special guest on the Zarjaz table tomorrow- straight from his posting on the Doghouse; the one and only...

Gronk! Hand crafted by Nano-bolt, this awesome slice of plush stands at almost a foot tall. 

See you tomorrow.

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