Friday, 22 May 2015

INCOMING! Judge Dredd- Yet Another Rainy DAy.

Coming soon to the pages of Zarjaz- JUDGE DREDD- YET ANOTHER RAINY DAY. As the long, hot summer wears on (hopefully) we can take a moment to cool as Dredd deals with the weather in his own way.

JUDGE DREDD- YET ANOTHER RAINY DAY is written by Mark Howard and illustrated by David Broughton.

Mark Howard "Beware the Archons and stay away from the light!" has written many strips for Zarjaz- this wil be his 11th published strip in Zarjaz alone.

David Broughton "has drawn comic strips for Zarjaz, Dogbreath and other small press publications. Visit his blog for more information and illustrations at or email him at" This will mark David's 10th published strip for Zarjaz- and he's hard at work on more!

JUDGE DREDD- YET ANOTHER RAINY DAY is scheduled to appear in Zarjaz 24, on sale in July 2015.

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