Tuesday, 16 June 2015

INCOMING! Durham Red- Come on you reds!

Art by P L Woods

Coming soon to the pages of Dogbreath- Durham Red is back with writer Luke Foster and artist PL Woods in charge!

Come on you reds tells the story of a group of Durham's most faithful supporters, and the lengths they will go to.

Luke Foster (Writer: Durham Red- Come on you reds) Wanted: for committing excessive acts of cartooning. A complete archive of his crimes can be found at He resides in a far-off colony world named "America."

P L Woods (Art: Durham Red- Come on you reds) (AKA: Pencils Pete) Wanted the notorious criminal Pencils Pete last seen in the vicinity of the Londinum area, crimes include hoarding and gathering of pencils, terrible jokes and bad puns. Previous victims of his crimes include Zarjaz, Food Chain and FutureQuake. His online activities can be traced to If seen prepare for terrible surreal puns.

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