Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Comics! Zarjaz 26 & Dogbreath 31

Available today- Zarjaz 26.

Cover by Paul Marshall & Owen Watts- click to see a larger version.

Available now! Zarjaz 26 is the latest and great fanzine based on 2000 AD.

Inside this thrill-packed issue we present:

Anderson PSI -Long Way Home by writer Lee Robson and artist Bryan Coyle

Brigand Doom- Paper Cubs by writer Mark Howard and artist Alexander Mines

Judge Dredd -Billion Credit Heist by writer Karl Stock and artist Jon Taylor

Judge Dredd- The Boys Next door
by writer Lee Robson and artist Jim Lavery

Strontium Dog –Time Twister by writer Mark Howard and artist Darren Stephens

Tales Of Mega-City one- A Day In The life by writer Santiago Mayaud and artist Conor Boyle

Also available today- Dogbreath 31.

Cover photo by Steve Green, featuring Matthew Simpson as Johnny Alpha and Kevin Horsham as Wulf Sternhammer from the upcoming Fan Film Search & Destroy

Beneath the amazing photo cover by the Search & destroy team, we bring you yet another issue of the longest continually published 2000 AD fanzine.

This issue contains:

Durham Red- Like A Dog by writer Lee Robson and artist Paul Williams

Gronk- Where's Gronk? by writer Steve Hargett and artist Nigel Dobbyn

Strontium Dog - The Scowl And The Pussycat by writer Matt Sharp and artist Neil Sims

Strontium Dog - Toad in the Hole by writer Ursula Kincaid and artist Leigh Shepherd

Strontium Dog- No Choice At All by writer Lee Robson and artist David Broughton

Strontium Dog's- DogBreath the Dog- Rubbish by writer Mark Howard and artist Bolt-01

Strontium Dog's- Flys Eyes Wagner- The Dark by writer Alec Charles and artist Scott Twells

Tales Of The Doghouse- The Only Vet in the Doghouse by writer Oscar Maltby and artist Bolt-01

Don't forget that today also marks the first day of the S/D Badge competition:

And join us tomorrow as we begin to look at previews from the new strips!
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