Friday, 1 July 2016

Zarjaz Summer Special 2016

Cover by Nigel Dobbyn- click to see a larger version.

It’s the summer, so what better way to celebrate than with an oversized edition of the Galaxies greatest fanzine! Zarjaz goes A4 for a summer like no other! 

Inside the pages you will discover new stories for Judge Dredd, Devlin Waugh, the ABC warriors as well as Strontium Dog and making his Zarjaz debut- NEMESIS THE WARLOCK.

48 pages for the astounding price of £4.50 including a full colour centrespread!


ABC Warriors- The Final Battle by writer Matt Sharp and artist David Broughton

Devlin Waugh- A Night At The Opera by writer Lee Robson and artist Paul Moore

Judge Dredd- Dreddfall by writer Mark Howard and artist Paul Williams

Nemesis the Warlock- Loving the Alien by Mick Cassidy with colour by Kaya Dzankich

Strontium Dog- All Time Low by writer Matt Sharp and artist Bryan Coyle

Strontium Dog- Close To The Edge by writer Matt Sharp and artist Chris Geary

Strontium Dog- Quickfire by writer Richmond Clements and artist Jon Taylor

Only £4.50, you don’t deserve it!

Available from the link on the right.
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