Friday, 2 April 2010


Remember the competition we had in the ast issues of Dogbreath & Zarjaz? Did you enter? Be honest now, 'cause I know how many entries there were!

We have a winner for the Zarjaz comp!

The lucky Squaxx is Sean Steele of Liverpool, and your book will be on it's way this weekend, congratulations. I'll not spoil the name of the correct answer, as I want to put the comp up on the blog for a bit of fun.

However- we never had a correct entry for the Strontium Dog comp- so I'm going to put it here now!

Okay- the rules for this version- we have two copies of this book, so first 2 correct emails to me win. There, as simple as that. Remember, once you have found all the named characters, there is another one in the grid who is not named. That is the bad guy you are searching for- GOOD LUCK!

Have fun.

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