Friday, 8 July 2011

Dogbreath 24

At Last- We are proud to present Dogbreath 24- 48 pages of stone cold classic Search/Destroy action.

Behind the rather awesome cover by the ever talented Nigel dobbyn we present:

Strontium Dog- Death of a mutant   (Writer) Mark Pexton (Art) Toby Philp (Letters) Bolt-01
The Gronk- Small Universe 2  (Writer) Nigel Dobbyn (Art) Nigel Dobbyn (Letters) Nigel Dobbyn - completing the tale bagun last issue!
Strontium Dog- A Moments Hesitation (Writer) Miles Reid (Art) Bruce McLaren (Letters) Bolt-01
SD's-CatchOfTheDay (Writer) Matthew McLaughlin (Art) Ryan Thomason (Letters) Bolt-01
Impetigo Jones - The Big Scab. (Writer) Greg Meldrum (Art) David Broughton (Letters) Bolt-01
Interview: A question of Rage (Writer) Shaun Avery talks to John Wagner & Alan Grant!
Case File Interludes- (Writer)  Leigh Shepherd looks at the tales from various annuals and specials!
Strontium Dog- Served Cold   (Writer) Richmond Clements (Art) Matt Soffe (Letters) Bolt-01
S&M06- Reservation Dogs  (Writer)  The Emperor (Art) James Feist (Letters) Bolt-01
Star Scan- Durham Red  (Art) Mark Pexton
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