Friday, 8 July 2011

Zarjaz 12

Arriving in your conciousness for all time- Zarjaz 12 brings a heightened warning for Thrill-power overload. Do not try to read this in one sitting. Claims for compensation will not be entertained.

The awesome- award winning Alex Ronald provides us with the cover for issue 12, and sees the first annual Judge Dredd summer cover!

Inside we present for you:

Constable Dredd-The Cursed Beat (Writer) Richard McAuliffe (Art) Mark Chilcott (letters) Bolt-01
Zenith-Invasion  (Writer)  Chris Denton (Art & Letters) David Frankum
ToM-C1- Fat Chancers  (Writer) Alexi Conman (Art & Letters) Luis Chichon
Judge Fish  (Writer)  David Withers (Art & Letters) Phillip Vaughan
Slaine- Tattered Wings  by Liam Sharp (Yes, Liam Sharp!)
Judge Dredd- Moon in the Undercity  (Writer) Paul Glasswell (Art) Dave Thomson (letters) Bolt-01

Further previews will be forthcoming soon!
Remember- It's not called Zarjaz for nothing!

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MisterChinn said...

Hi do you have a digital download edition of Zarjaz?