Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dogbreath 29

Cover artist Matt Timson provides the lead strip this issue along with writer And Ewington. The colour centrespread this issue is provided by John Charles and among the six stories inside there are new adventures for Flys Eyes Wagner, Wirehead Rex and of course Johnny Alpha & Wulf.
All for the amazing price of £3.00.


Strontium Dog- Death By Dog by writer Mark Howard and artist David Broughton

Strontium Dog- Bloodhound by writer Andi Ewington and artist Matt Timson

Strontium Dogs- Angel of Death by writer Alec Charles and artist Scott Twells

Strontium Dogs- Wirehead Rex- The Idolmaker Subterfuge by writer Dirk Van Dom and artist Dan Cornwell

Strontium Dog-The Wreck by writer Richmond Clements and artist John Charles  

Also a book review: Strontium Dog- Among The Missing- book review by Amanda Kear

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it!

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