Sunday, 2 November 2014

Zarjaz 22

Behind the superb cover by PJ Holden & Steven Denton featuring Chopper, following on from the strip which features art by Jake Lynch (with special thanks to Pye-01) we present 8 tales charged with so much Thrill-power it caused the seasons to slide! 48 pages for the amazing price of £3.00.


Judge Dredd- Aggressive Deportment by writer Tom Proudfoot and artist Astrom Chang

Judge Dredd- Sunday Morning Crash by writer Mark Howard and artist Conor Boyle

Tharg The Mighty- Escape from sanity's edge by writer River Apparicio and artist Bolt-01

The Sequels That Time Forgot- Mean Team Bk 3 by writer Al Ewing and artist Stephen Prestwood

Chopper- Different Strokes by writer Chris Redfern and artist Jake Lynch (Thanks to Pye01)

M.A.C.H.-1- Bearing Up by writer Mark Howard and artist Bryan Coyle

Rogue Trooper- Sniper Alley by writer Tom Proudfoot and artist P. L. Woods

Finn- Checkmate by writer Umar Ditta and artist Tom Bonin

Still only £3.00, available from the link on the right.

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