Saturday, 7 November 2015

Thought Bubble 2015!

It is almost time for possibly the biggest comics gig in the UK- Thought Bubble.

As usual FQP will have a table at the party and we have some fantastic new comics for sale. 

FutureQuake #28- Cover by Steven Austin & Darren Stephens heads the table.

next we present issue #11 of Something Wicked, cover by Matt Sandbrook.

Rounding out the new comics for this year we have the astounding Zarjaz #25, with a cover by Daniel Dwyer, who was the winner at the 2000 AD competition at Thought Bubble 2014.

This will be the seventh time that FQP has had a table at the gig and as this is the tenth anniversary of the first year of FQP we've decided to drop the price of all bagged back issues. Yup. Whether you want to fill your gaps in your Zarjaz collection, or dip your toes into the astounding worlds on show in FutureQuake, all back issues (the bagged ones) are going to be available for 50p off cover.

This year FQP are in the New Dock hall, and can be found at table #133 (The link goes to a map- nifty, eh?)

Still wanting more? Well we also have the amazingly good value collection of the NEROY SPHINX stories from the pages of FutureQuake.

This collection, reviewed extensively here, is starting to become limited in numbers, so if you want to read what all the fuss is about, make sure you pick up a copy. Available for a paltry £5.00

News Just in: I've been sent some copies of 'El Bigote- La Noche de los Muertoads' issue 01 courtesy of the creative team. I've got 10 copies of this book, all available for £1.00.

Remember, all purchases over £10.00 get to choose a complimentary mini sketch, as drawn by Bolt-01 over the last few months. At the Edgbaston comic expo in April, we gave away 100 of these with the premier goody bag. 

If I can think of anything else, I'll mention it here in the run up to the gig! Drop by and say HI!

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