Sunday, 1 November 2015

ZARJAZ 25- Now on Sale (Pending website update)

Beneath the cover by Daniel Dwyer, the winner of the2000 AD thought bubble competition in 2014, we bring you more thrills than you should be allowed to access in a single sitting. 48 pages for the amazing price of £3.00.


A.B.C. Warriors- Red Spice by writer Lee Robson and artist Alfie Gallagher

A.B.C. Warriors- Rover by Martin Currie

Future Shock- Trash Ed by writer Ryan King and artist Stephen Prestwood

Judge Dredd-The Epiphany Of Treasure Highland by writer Mark Howard and artist Daniel Dwyer

Rogue Trooper - Lone Gunnar by Martin Currie

Rogue Trooper - The Walking Dead by writer Lee Robson and artist James Newell

Shakara- The fourth Buggerian by Scott Twells

Tales Of Mega-City 1- The Story of Jjon Pepps by writer Alistair Mclean and artist Danos Philopoulos

Still only £3.00, you don’t deserve it! From TheFQP Webshop once the website is updated...

Remember all orders over £10.00 will receive a mini sketch by Bolt-01.

For those of you who prefer to collect your thrills in person, we will be at the Thought bubble Gig in Leeds for the weekend of 14-15 November. Further details soon.

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