Saturday, 31 October 2015

Zarjaz #25- 01 days to go!

To herald the launch of the next wave of comics from FQP, we will be updating the blog each day with a look at one of the strips.

Today we look at the cover, kindly provided by Daniel Dwyer and featuring Rogue Trooper, which will be appearing in Zarjaz #25.
Art By Daniel Dwyer- click to view larger version

Daniel Dwyer (Art: Cover) After winning 2000 AD's portfolio competition at Thought Bubble 2014, I was happy getting my first gig drawing a Future Shock for prog #1932. At this very same festival I met Bolt-01 and came to know FQP!

Many thanks to Daniel for this astounding piece of work.

Join us tomorrow as we launch Zarjaz #25!
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