Friday 21 December 2007

Spot the difference

It's competition time!

In the current Dogbreath (17 for those of you counting) we are running a comp to win one of two sets of S/D casefiles 2 & 3, courtesy of the wonderful Oliver droid at Rebellion.

We've found ourselves in a position where we are able to extend the comp so...

Here we present that very same comp, for you lucky Bloggers to take part in! Entries will be valid till the End of Jan via


Seeing as both Dogbreath and Zarjaz are now being put out by the same folks (Me and Richmond) it is only fitting that they should now share a blog.

Over the next few months I'll be putting up nonsense about the comics, previewing some of the strips and generally getting all pimp-like to help you decide to buy the comics.

The Email addresses for the titles should be over there on the right, along with a link to the FQP shop where you can buy the comics fromand apic of the latest cover.

Welcome the the galaxies' greatest fanzine blog!