Sunday 10 June 2012

Zarjaz 15- Cover

Arriving soon to batter your thrill buffers, ZARJAZ 15! This issue features a superb cover by EDMUND BAGWELL, one of Tharg's newest droids. Edmund has delivered a superb image based on a classic Chris Weston commission.

Friday 8 June 2012

Coming Soon: Mega-City One Tales: Gawkers

What is Gawking? And why could it be bad for your health? Join writer Shaun Avery and Artist Simon Bennett Hayes as they show us what happens when the latest Mega-Craze comes under the scrutiny of Judge Rico.

Available in Zarjaz 15- On sale soon.

Thursday 7 June 2012

Coming Soon: Tales From the Black Museum...

..."Jinni in a Bottle" is from creators Richmond Clements and Stephen Prestwood.

Find out what poor ol' Henry Dubble has in his hands in Zarjaz 15- on sale soon.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Dogbreath: Volume 01 Archive.

Here at the Quaequam Blog we are pleased to host archive .pdf's of the original volume of Dogbreath.

Founded by Dr Bob, the original volume of Dogbreath ran for 14 issues till she was brought to book by the GCC. The first ten issues are no longer available and so they will be presented here.

Thanks to Richard Herrero and Ian Leonard for making this possible.

(Right click on the links below and select save as)

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 03

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 04

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 05.

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 06

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 07

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 08

Dogbreath Volume 01 Issue 09

Dogbreath Vol 01 Issue 10.