Tuesday 19 August 2008

SOLD OUT! Dogbreath 15

Just as issue 19 is beginning to take shape, Dogbreath 15 (our first issue) has sold out. After a heated discussion it has been decided that we will not be printng anymore, so if you needed this issue to complete your collection- too late! Thanks too all who contributed, and also to those who bought copies.

Thursday 14 August 2008

PRESS! PRISM: Summer 2008

Many thanks for this to James Bacon.

"Amanda Kear, known as Dr Bob has been producing DogBreath for years. This A4 fanzine about the 2000AD character Johnny Alpha of Strontium Dog notoriety was mostly made up of articles, interviews, reviews, discussions and fan fiction. It was some body of work and each issue was just brimful of reading. Then it changed. Dr. Bob had done a lot and after fourteen issues it was time for a change. The guys at Futurequake, a UK Comic got involved and Dog Breath has had a serious makeover. Now in A5 format with colour covers and a healthy helping of Comic fan Fiction, its developed into a new beast. I picked up the latest few issues, which still have stories, articles and interviews, but the quality of comics is also quite impressive. One would think it's quite a specific market, but DogBreath has quite a following and for fans of 2000 AD, it's well worth a look."

"Zarjaz is a 2000AD comic fanzine. They are quite proud of their pedigree and have permission from Rebellion to produce stories based on 2000AD characters and do so with much skill and style. Issue five is just out and it's got a superb V.C.'s wrap-around cover. Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, The V.C.'s and Strontium Dog all get an outing in this action packed 'zine. I especially liked the Rogue Trooper Story, gritty like they should be while the Judge Dredd story was quite fun in a ludicrous way. This is the benefit of the 'zine, they have room to manoeuvre and are not restricted as a professional comic might be."

Nice reviews, and hopefully they will like the next issues as well.