Friday 25 June 2010

Coming not-so-soon!

Over on Imaginary Stories, Zarjaz & FQP Writer LEE ROBSON muses on his 'In-the'works' strip featuring Hammerstein.

Wednesday 9 June 2010

1st Peek- Sun & Moon: Hunters of Bounty-

I know that the pic above is of the one and only 'Kid' Kneeble, but this is the first pic I want to share with you from the upcoming Mr Sun & Mr Moon strip for Dogbreath 23. As you can see James Feist has altered his drawing style, and I think it looks aces!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

1st Peek- Strontium Dog- Wip

Arriving via writer Rich MacAuliffe, this is the first panel to emerge for his, as yet untitled, Strontium Dog strip. This one has a killer moment that I am looking forward to seeing; and so will you.

Monday 7 June 2010

Zarjaz progress round-up.

In my google reader this morning I spy that Matt Soffe is busy again, as is James Corcoran, on strips for Zarjaz. More news on these time progresses, but they do look interesting, don't they?

Needless to say- more pictures at the links.

Friday 4 June 2010

1st look- Judge Dredd- The Taking of Mopad 456

Kev Levell has posted the above on his blog, which is his first warm up for his Dredd strip for a later Zarjaz. Written by Lee Robson- this is a rollercoaster ride of Dredd action that will leave damaged thrill-baffles across the galaxy!

ABC Warriors- Joe Pineapples- Take 3!

Chris Askham is at it again- here is his third run at Joe in prep for his strip for Zarjaz 11.