Tuesday 29 September 2009

DB21 Pimpery 07

Strontium Dog- Short Busts by Dunk! Nimmo brings us two (count 'em) tales from the life of Johnny Alpha, and two of the more unusual cases he has worked on. How unusual? Well if you by a copy of the comic you'll find out, wont'cha?

Monday 28 September 2009

Z08 Pimpery 06

A final preview of Fr1day: Looking for a reason by Steven Denton & Chris Askham

DB21 Pimpery 06

From, Strontium Dog-Lunacy byAlec Robertson, Bolt-01 & Richmond Clements. This is one of those things I don't like. When I sort these precviews I'm full of witty comments about them- and some of them actually make it to the blog, however- I hate doing this for my own scribbles. I wish I'd picked a panel that was more representative of the actual strip. sigh...

Sunday 27 September 2009

Forbidden Planet!

In my continuing quest to actually get organised enough to make a real go of this comics lark, I have for the first time, managed to get the Forbidden Planet stock away to them 'before' the launch convention. With a bit of luck copies of both Dogbreath and Zarjaz 'should' be available to buy before the end of the week.

These copies will be available till the end of March 2010, after that they are returned to me.

One other thing to note is that due to increased stock vigilance- there are going to be fewer copies of the comics available through FP. If you go to buy a copy and it isn't there- ask the staff if they stock it and mail me if they have run out.

Friday 25 September 2009

Z08 Pimpery 05

The return of a favourite. Zenith-The Red Dragon by Colin Dinnie & Kevin Levell

DB21 Pimpery 05

"Pick up the gun!" Laura Gonzalez has a bad moment, in the first part of From Below by Alec Robertson & Bruce McLaren

Z08 Pimpery 04

You might be forgiven for thinking that it was all about Fr1day this issue, but oh, no! Here's a snippet from Rogue Trooper- Engines of War by former editorial droid Colin Dinnie and John Cahill. Take that, Nort sponsored mecha!

DB21 Pimpery 04

There is trouble in store Mr Moon this issue, in Sun & Moon: Springheeled Jackboots by regular team of The Emperor & James Feist. What will be the end result? BUY THE COMIC TO FIND OUT!

Thursday 24 September 2009

Z08 pimpery 03

Tell me this isn't good enough, go on, I sneckin' dare ya! Beautiful artwork from Fr1day: Looking for a reason by Steven Denton & Chris Askham.

DB21 Pimpery 03

Who's this happy chap? Buy the comic to find out, snecker!
Artwork by Matt Soffe.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Shopping Update! Now you can use the blog!

Greetings Earthlets!

Further to the problems being experienced over at the FQP Webshop, I have now set this very blog to be able to act with Paypal and accept payments. Nothing has changed from the FQP shop, but this allows sales to be carried out whilst the main shop is repaired.

Simply look down the blog to find the issue you require (which surely should be only the new issues, you have had plenty of time to buy the old one's) and click the button underneath.

Happy shopping.

Z08 Pimpery 02

Fr1day: Looking for a Reason by Stephen Denton and Chris Askham shows that this version the oft maligned G.I. really does have good tales to tell. A complete story in 18 pages. You know it ends badly for someone!

DB21 Pimpery 02

From Below by regular team Alec Robertson and Bruce McLaren sees the return of 'no-nose' Laura Gonzalez, along with a face that may be familiar to some readers. This issue sees the set-up for an explosive tale of survival.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Z08 Pimpery 01

I bet none of thought you'd see the return of this fella! Brigand Doom returns in Crunch by The Emperor and Chris Geary. This is possibly the most timely strip we've ever managed. You do NOT want to miss this.

DB 21 Pimpery 01

Today I grant you a glimpse of what Johnny Alpha does when he's got a bit of time to kill in A day in the life by Eric Moore and Matthew Soffe

Monday 21 September 2009

New Comics Day!

Due to the current problems with the main FQP website, I am unable to open the shop for the titles. However- If folk want to pre-order their copies of any of the titles, please email the comics and I’ll arrange delivery and determine costs.

NOW ON SALE DOGBREATH 21 allows you norms the chance to read the latest dispatches from the mutant underground. DOGBREATH 21 brings you 48 pages of top quality entertainment that you are not fit to read! See just what Johnny alpha does on a quiet day, Gape at the sheer spectacle of a Gronk with a big gun and be agog at the thought of Mr Sun & Mr Moon chasing a nazi through time! Marvel at the astounding knowledge on show in the Search/Destroy case files and wonder why no-one has bought Butch a spell checker yet. Only £3.00
Case File 20- Outlaw 2 Leigh Shepherd
Case File 21- The Big Bust of '49 1 Leigh Shepherd
Durham Red- Holiday in the Sun 3 Richmond Clements Alex Smith-Matt Soffe
Durham Red- Long Time Coming 3 Matthew Soffe Matthew Soffe
From Below 8 Alec Robertson Bruce McLaren
SD- A day in the life 4 Eric Moore Matthew Soffe
SD- Short Busts No 1 1 Dunk! Nimmo Dunk! Nimmo
SD- Short Busts No 2 4 Dunk! Nimmo Dunk! Nimmo
SD-Lunacy 7 Alec Robertson Bolt-01 & Richmond Clements
Strontium Gronk 3 Samson Horn Kevin Levell
Sun & Moon: Springheeled Jackboots 6 The Emperor James Feist
Today's special: Traitor to his Kind 1 Butch

Cover Star Rogue Trooper (Art by PJ Holden & Steven Denton) sets the ‘no- prisoners’ tone for the issue, with a full 48 pages packed to the bio-chips with action. Witness Fr1day’s epic search for a kind of peace, Be amazed at the power of the Red Dragon and learn what Brigand Doom would do in the current economic climate! All this and a Scrotnig Judge Death Star-scan by Graeme Neil Reid. It’s not called ZARJAZ for nothing! Only £3.00 ALSO FOR THIS ISSUE WIN A COPY OF THE LATEST V.C.’s COLLECTION FROM REBELLION. SEE INSIDE FOR DETAILS.

Brigand Doom- Crunch 5 Dan the Emperor Chris Geary
Friday: Looking for a reason 18 Stephen Denton Chris Askham
Judge Dredd- Proof of Youth 5 Alex smith- Ben ClarkAlexSmith
Rogue Trooper- Engines of War 7 Colin Dinnie John Cahill
Starscan- Judge Death 1 Graeme Neil Reid
Zenith-The Red Dragon 6 Colin Dinnie Kevin Levell

Saturday 19 September 2009

FQP Shop problems- Website in trouble.

It looks like things are worse than we thought in the website dept. The upshot is that we now do not know how long it is going to take to get the FQP website back into action.


In the meantime I'm going to start posting images from the new comics up next week to whet your appetite and hopefully I'll be able to start taking pre-orders via paypal.

Thanks to everyone who has gotten in touch with us about this.

Friday 18 September 2009

Lauching Imminent! ZARJAZ 08!

None of you will be surprised to know that Zarjaz 08 is about to launch, but did you know that we've got a new strip featuring Siadwell Rhys- The Red Dragon, of Zenith fame?

This image is by Strip Artist Kevin Levell and was done a loong time ago as part of his warm up for the strip itself.

As for what else Kev is working on- simply check his blog for snippets that may well be of interest.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Small Press, Big Mouth: Richmond Clements

Here's a thing! Richmond Clements being interviewed about all sorts of stuff. Hear the man himself as he talks about FutureQuake, Zarjaz, His Shiny new book deal and the comics he's written and then about the Hi-Ex convention he is co-organiser of!

Friday 4 September 2009

DogBreath 21: Competition Time!

Not content with having a competition in Zarjaz this issue, we also have a pair of GN's to give away in DogBreath too!

Strontium Dog- Traitor to his kind is the latest collection from those amazing folks over at Rebellion, and for your chance to win a copy, simply pick up a copy of Dogbreath 21 (out soon) and enter the competition. It couldn't be easier than that, Norm!