Saturday 26 November 2011

New Strips- coming soon

Now that 13 is available and Thought Bubble is done with for the year, I can begin to show you some of the things we've had delivered over the last few weeks.

First up we have BAD Company- Krool Intentions by Mark Pexton and James Newell. Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 15.
Next we have Strontium Dog- One Day in Redemption by Alec Robertson and Steven Denton. Currently scheduled for Dogbreath 25.

Next we have Tales from the Back Museum- The Mych by Mike Lynch and Owen Watts. Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 15.

Finally catching up we have Strontium Dogs- Doc Death- Blood from a Stone by Greg Meldrum and David Broughton. Currently scheduled for Dogbreath 25.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the table over the Thought Bubble weekend, and especially to Mr Owen Watts for his help in running the table. Our next day out is now booked for February 25-26th at the Cardiff Comic Expo so I look forward to seeing you there. I might even have Zarjaz 14 early!

Sunday 6 November 2011

Autumn Reviews!

2000 AD covers Uncovered has posted about the current issues cover. Thanks to the main man, Mr Pete Wells for the kind words.

Joe Gordon over at the FPI Blog welcomes the new comics with kind words!

Thanks to Rich McAuliffe for finding this review of Dark Judgement over at Mombcomics. And this one he's posted at Everything comes back to 2000 AD

Talking of Rich, his excellent Everything comes back to 2000 AD blog has posted about the new Zarjaz here and he's gotten some reviews of his own for Dark Judgement here.

Chris and Steven Denton are the brains and talent behind the excellent Massacre: For Boys comics, and here Chris posts about brother Steve's work for Zarjaz writing BAD Company.

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Zarjaz 13- Contents

Availble NOW! Zarjaz 13 brings you the most Ghafflebette collection of thrills imaginable by man of intergalactic alien despot!

Within the cover by the astoundingly talented Staz Johnson you will find 48 pages filled with:

Dirty Frank's Holy Wrong by The Emperor and Bruno Stahl

ABC Warriors- Broken dreams by Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle

Robo-Hunter- Dust Buster by Colin Dinnie and Jason Smith

Judge Dredd- Your Lucky Day by Tom Proudfoot and John Cahill

Rogue Trooper- A Tale From The Trenches by Richmond Clements and George Coleman

Also inside but unable to be previewed for spoilers!
MC-1 Tales- The Graduate by David Broughton
BAD Company- Fallen Empire by Steven Denton and Panos Kamoulakos
Judge Dredd- Boot Knife by Andrew Williams and Don Franco
MC-1 Tales- The Church Of Rico by Stephen Prestwood and Shaun Avery.

Click on the cover to the right to visit the FQP Webshop, from where you will be able to get this latest issue, along with all the others available. The issue will also be available from the Thought bubble convention over the weekend of 19th - 20th November. and don't forget, it isn't called Zarjaz for nothing!

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Zarjaz 13: Cover!

Yup- That's STAZ JOHNSON drawing Rogue Trooper for Zarjaz. Awesome, isn't it? Zarjaz 13 will be on sale after November 1st, and the cover will also be available as part of  the Wallpapers section of the blog.

Staz was asked a while ago to provide the cover for Zarjaz, and he was only too pleased to take part, except that he didn't like my original choice of cover strip. After a very brief moment to think it was decided that Rogue Trooper would be the perfect candidate to let Staz flex his considerable artistic muscles!

Here is the line work for the cover Staz kindly supplied. As the more eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, Staz based his work on a classic cover by Frank Frazetta; however, he also missed out on the wraparound aspect of the Zarjaz covers. That is why the cover for the issue is cropped as it is.

A huge thanks once again to Staz for providing us with one of the strongest Zarjaz images we've had.

Monday 17 October 2011


I know Rich over at Everything Comes Back to 2000AD has already put this out there, but here is the final crop of the print version for Dark Judgement 2 by Conor Boyle. The cover will also be available in the Wallpapers section of the blog later this week. This years special will be on sale from November 1st, and to celebrate we've arranged for a limited run of Dark Judgement 1 to be available.

For a limited time only- there will be a special 2 pack in the webshop featuring both issues of Dark Judgement for £3.50 plus postage. There will also be copies on sale at conventions for as long as they last.

Sunday 16 October 2011

And the Winner is...

Congratulations to Shaun Avery! The competition for this script was really fierce, with almost nothing between the top three places, but Shaun triumphed and Mega-City One Tales: The Church of Rico will be appearing in Zarjaz 13, available after November 1st.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Coming Soon: Armitage...

Currently being worked on: Armitage- The Soze Method by Samson Horn (Strontium Gronk in Dogbreath 21) and Phillip Vaughan (Judge Fish in Zarjaz 12)

Monday 10 October 2011

We've talked about this strip before, but it appears that Jon has been busy. I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that I'm seriously excited to see how this develops!

Friday 7 October 2011

Coming soon to Zarjaz- DEVLIN WAUGH...

This isn't going to be in print proper till March next year, when it will be the cover strip for Zarjaz 14. Those of you going to Hi-Ex next year will have an extra reason to check it out as the cover artist for the issue will be there too. Who, you say- that would be telling...

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Monday 3 October 2011

And the scores are being counted!

You know, it is getting a bit frantic here. Not only does the printer demand more comics to print this month, but we are also about to start the judging on the scripts sent in for the JUDGE RICO pages so beautifully rendered by Stephen Prestwood!

Good luck to all those out there who entered and hopefully we'll be announcing a winner by the end of the week and getting the final pages all lettered to appear in Zarjaz 13...

Now, where did I leave that cover by-

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Babble- Whistler!

Over at the Babble website, friends of Zarjaz & Dogbreath, Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle have begun a series of special promotions for his almost imminent title. Last week we were treated to The Blue Spear courtesy of Kev Levell and this week they asked me to provide them with a pic of the one and only- Whistler!

I've no idea who we will see next week, but I believe Lee and Bryan have contacted some of the brightest talents in the Small Press. Babble will be published by Com.X

Also from Lee and Bryan- ABC Warriors- Broken Dreams. Coming very soon to Zarjaz.

1st Look- Judge Dredd- Sleeper Awake!

A first look, sneak peek at an upcoming Judge Dredd strip for Zarjaz. SLEEPER AWAKE is by Tom Proudfoot and David Broughton.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Slaine by Jon Haward.

Jon Haward has recently posted this pic on his Blog. What he didn't tell anyone is that this is a warm up piece created to inspire Zarjaz co-editor and rather talented writer Richmond Clements into writing a Slaine strip for him. More news as it happens.  

Sunday 4 September 2011

Coming Soon- Dirty Frank's Holy Wrong...

Coming soon to Zarjaz, and just in time- Dirty Frank's Holy Wrong. Join The Emperor and Bruno Stahl as they show us a glimpse of just how wrong some things can be. Available in Zarjaz 14, on sale from November. 

Thursday 18 August 2011

Sold out! Dogbreath 18

News just in that Dogbreath 18 has sold out! Thanks to all who bought the comic  and remember readers- once they've gone, we won't be reprinting them.


After the success of the first strip in Zarjaz 10, Mark Howard and Chris Geary are working on Turning FLESH- EXTINCTION into a fully formed three part saga!

Coming soon, revisit the far-FAR-future, where man is no longer welcome.

Competition Time! Judge Rico in...

Calling all Scriptdroids! Judge Rico needs you!

Stephen Prestwood has delivered 5 astounding pages of top art thrillage- but the script has not been completed.
For your chance to appear in the pages of the galaxies greatest fanzine, simply write a script to fit the five pages below and email it to us here at Zarjaz

The winning entry will be lettered by Bolt-01 and presented in Zarjaz 13, on sale in November 2011

The email for you to send your entry to is and the competion is open till 30th September 2011.

We here at Zarjaz (along with Stephen) will be the final judges of quality and taste and our decision will be final.

Good luck earthlets!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Strip Exclusive- The Kill Fee

Stewart Moore is a comics creator working on something special for a future edition of Dogbreath. He has also kindly allowed us to post the following strip here. Presenting-

The Kill Fee!

As always, click on the pages to view a larger version.

1st Look- Judge Dredd: Rich Pickings

New to Zarjaz, Judge Dredd- Rich Pickings sees trouble at the latest big-time sport to hit the sticky streets of M-C 1. Writer Derek Hamill and Zarjaz Favourite George Coleman dig deep to pull a juicy one out for you!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

More Scotch Corner! Kev Levell on Durham Red!

Scotch Corner has another familiar name over there today- Kev Levell is one of the most outstanding artists working today- here he talks briefly about his work, and displays a Durham Red piece.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Scotch Corner- Neil Roberts on Wulf!

Over at the rather splendid Scotch Corner, Art-droid Neil Roberts talks about his life in comics, and brings his Wulf Sternhammer cover for Dogbreath 22 to the table! Hopefully Neil will be back in the pages of Zarjaz before long with more of Al Ewings 'sequals'

Saturday 16 July 2011

Post Away!

As the evidence shows- The comics are now on their way! This little lot took three nights to prep, and involved lots of help from both Micro and Nano Bolt. And it cost me £140 to post out, including comics to OZ and Spain! Expect the patter of thrill-powered packages from monday on.

Friday 15 July 2011

Zarjaz 12 & Dogbreath 24 pimpery!

 In Zarjaz 12 we take the time to introduce you to Constable Dredd, as he walks the Cursed Beat in victorian era England. By Rich McAuliffe and Mark Chilcott.
Over in Dogbreath 24, we present Death of a Mutant by Mark Pexton and Toby Philp, which sees Johnny making a trip to MK to help police with their enquiries...

In other news- the post is all ready to go- all contributors and shops should have copies of the new comics by the end of the week.

Remember to enjoy Thrill power resonsibly- we don't want burned out receptors.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Dogbreath 24 and Zarjaz 12: Linkfest!

Some of the contributors for Zarjaz are blogging about their work in Zarjaz 12, starting with:

David Frankum talking about his work on Zenith/Invasion...

The Emperor talks about his work on Mr Sun and Mr Moon for Dogbreath 24.

Matt McLaughlin shares about his work on Strontium Dogs- Catch of the Day.

Over at Down The Tubes,  John Freeman covers the release of the new issues as does The Forbidden Planet blog!

Over at the Massacre: For Boys! Chris Denton talks about his work on Zenith/Invasion.

Mark Chillcott has posted about his work on Constable Dredd...

The rather excellent blog, Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD has a pair of reviews up for Z12. One here and the other here!

The rather talented Luis Chichon talks about his work on Zarjaz 12, Fat Chancers!

Not content with reviewing the issues in print- the Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD lads have reviewed the comics on a PODCAST! Visit the link page to download your copy! (Warning- may not be suitable for younger Earthlets)

Friday 8 July 2011

Zarjaz 12

Arriving in your conciousness for all time- Zarjaz 12 brings a heightened warning for Thrill-power overload. Do not try to read this in one sitting. Claims for compensation will not be entertained.

The awesome- award winning Alex Ronald provides us with the cover for issue 12, and sees the first annual Judge Dredd summer cover!

Inside we present for you:

Constable Dredd-The Cursed Beat (Writer) Richard McAuliffe (Art) Mark Chilcott (letters) Bolt-01
Zenith-Invasion  (Writer)  Chris Denton (Art & Letters) David Frankum
ToM-C1- Fat Chancers  (Writer) Alexi Conman (Art & Letters) Luis Chichon
Judge Fish  (Writer)  David Withers (Art & Letters) Phillip Vaughan
Slaine- Tattered Wings  by Liam Sharp (Yes, Liam Sharp!)
Judge Dredd- Moon in the Undercity  (Writer) Paul Glasswell (Art) Dave Thomson (letters) Bolt-01

Further previews will be forthcoming soon!
Remember- It's not called Zarjaz for nothing!