Thursday 18 August 2011

Sold out! Dogbreath 18

News just in that Dogbreath 18 has sold out! Thanks to all who bought the comic  and remember readers- once they've gone, we won't be reprinting them.


After the success of the first strip in Zarjaz 10, Mark Howard and Chris Geary are working on Turning FLESH- EXTINCTION into a fully formed three part saga!

Coming soon, revisit the far-FAR-future, where man is no longer welcome.

Competition Time! Judge Rico in...

Calling all Scriptdroids! Judge Rico needs you!

Stephen Prestwood has delivered 5 astounding pages of top art thrillage- but the script has not been completed.
For your chance to appear in the pages of the galaxies greatest fanzine, simply write a script to fit the five pages below and email it to us here at Zarjaz

The winning entry will be lettered by Bolt-01 and presented in Zarjaz 13, on sale in November 2011

The email for you to send your entry to is and the competion is open till 30th September 2011.

We here at Zarjaz (along with Stephen) will be the final judges of quality and taste and our decision will be final.

Good luck earthlets!