Sunday 11 January 2015

1st look- Red Razors: Masquerade!

Not a hoax, not a dream- an imaginary story! Red Razors comes to Zarjaz courtesy of writer Matt Farr and artist Smon Petersen (the same team as Zarjaz 21's Life on the Block) Masquerade will appear in 2015.

Saturday 10 January 2015

1st Look- Judge Dredd- Downtime

Coming to the pages of Zarjaz in 2015, Downtime is the first work for Zarjaz by Martin Currie.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

1st look: Comic Rock- Silver Song.

Coming to the pages of Zarjaz in 2015:  Comic Rock- Silver Song is a return to comics for Charlie, last seen in 2000 AD being hailed by the residents of Northpool. Writer Matt Sharp and artist Dave Broughton bring you the tale of what might have happened next for the mighty mek.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

1st look- Lowlife- Attack of the naturists!

Dirty Franks comes back to Zarjaz!  Lowlife- Attack of the naturists is by writer Tony McVeigh and artist Eddy Lyle. It's always nice to have Frank in the comic.

Monday 5 January 2015

1st look- Judge Dredd: Cal's Arena

Judge Dredd: Cal's Arena is by writer Mike Lynch and artist Steven Austin. The strip is actually based on Steve's astounding entry into the 2000 AD online message board comp. The story takes the form of an 'untold tale' of the Judge Cal saga!

Judge Dredd: Cal's Arena will be appearing in the pages of Zarjaz in 2015.

Saturday 3 January 2015

1st look: Tales Of Mega-City One: Death In Pictures.

Judge Rico is back in action courtesy of writer Shaun Avery and artist Bhuna. Tales Of Mega-City One: Death In Pictures will be appearing in Zarjaz in 2015.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year! 2015- here we begin...

Going to be posting this both here and over on the FQP Blog, as this is an overall 'facts & figures' post, as well as a heads-up for the new year.

Here's where we stand at the start of 2015.

Scripts waiting to be read: Zarjaz- 2 scripts- 21 pages worth of material. Dogbreath- 1 script- 8 pages.
Scripts waiting to be commissioned: Z- 15 Scripts- 113 pages. DB- 30 Scripts- 169 pages.
Strips commissioned: Z- 21 strips- 72 pages. DB- 14 strips- 102 pages.
Strips completed: Z- 11 strips- 66 pages. DB- 2 strips- 9 pages.

So, as you can probably work out- we've got a lot of strips in progress- around a solid years worth. Which is great- if you've been commissioned. If not- then the above shows just how far ahead we are planning so please remember to be patient with us.

It is worth noting that a lot of the strips for Zarjaz we get are Judge Dredd. Which is good as Dredd is the biggest property we have access to, but it is also bad as it means we run the risk of becoming a Judge Dredd only fanzine. Zarjaz is about all of 2000 AD, not just the Judge so Dredd strips tend to stack up. Of the 11 completed strips for Zarjaz- 10 are 'Dreddworld'. The summer issues are all about the astounding world of Dredd, but that is just one of the three issues we run each year. The other two will only have 2 Dreddworld strips if possible.

Writers- we read all scripts in the order we get them. The only way to shortcut this is to send us a pitch that we like. If we ask for a script from a pitch we will read it sooner, while it is fresh in our memory.

Artists- if you want to see your work appear in one of the finest small press titles in the UK, with a track record of creators moving into professional work; then get in touch. As you can see from the data above- we have a lot of scripts waiting for you. If you want a critique of your work- drop me a line- I'm always happy to see new artists and can even find try out scripts to help you out if your work needs polish before seeing print.

Coming from FQP in 2015- Marking the tenth year of publication we will be bringing out our first ever trade collection. What is in it? That is for a post closer to the time, however it will be launching at The Comics Festival in April.

We will also release this year: FutureQuakes 26, 27 (and maybe even 28 depending on the delivery of strips) Something Wicked 11, Zarjaz 23, 24 & 25 and finally Dogbreath 30.

I'll be starting to post the next wave of strip previews over the next few days so stay around to see what FQP will be bringing your way in 2015.