Thursday 30 April 2009

Spring Previews: 01

From A.B.C. Warriors- Cavey 5 by Pages Bolt-01 & BMB

From Whistler 8 Pages by Bolt-01

Media Watch: FPI Blog

I know that I mailed Joe and asked, but it is still lovely to see the FPI BLOG mention our stuff. Joe is a really nice chap and it is a pleasure to have his support.

Wednesday 29 April 2009


NOW ON SALE in the FQP Webshop ZARJAZ 07.
Now with added Pat Mills! Possibly the most exciting event in 2000ad fanzines this millennium is the astounding line-up for ZARJAZ 07. Within the cover by Dave Kendall you will find four strips featuring Slaine, including work from Sancho creator Al Nolan and newly minted Droid Nick Dyer! Also including work from Jon Haward and Al Ewing as well as stories for the ABC Warriors and the Visible man. It’s not called ZARJAZ for nothing! Only £3.00

Starscan- Millsverse. 1 Pages Jon Haward
The Visible Man 1 Pages Al Ewing Neil Roberts
A.B.C. Warriors- Cavey 5 Pages Bolt-01 BMB
Book Review- Slaine Invasions 2 Pages Richard Pearce
Slaine- The wailing Hill 8 Pages Mark Woodland Dunk! Nimmo
ABC Warriors- Crimea River 7 Pages Mike Carroll Bolt-01
Zarjaz Speaks to- Pat Mills 3 Pages Richmond Clements
Slaine- Ukko the god 7 Pages Al Nolan Al Nolan
Starscan- Greysuit 1 Pages John Higgins
Slaine- Fools gold 4 Pages Andy White Gibson Quarter
Slaine- A Deep Abyss 5 Pages Richmond Clements Nick Dyer


NOW ON SALE in the FQP Webshop DOGBREATH 20 allows you norms the chance to read the latest dispatches from the mutant underground. DOGBREATH 20 brings you 48 pages of top quality entertainment that you are not fit to read! See Whistler make his attack run against the new Church, witness Kid Knee and Headly Foot in action together. Marvel at the astounding knowledge on show in the Search/Destroy case files and wonder why no-one has bought Butch a spell checker yet. Only £3.00

Xtras 4 Pages Lee Robson Lonny Chant
Whistler 8 Pages Bolt-01 Bolt-01
SD- Ridgeback Ray 3 Pages Richmond Clements Bolt-01
Sun & Moon 03: Sick 6 Pages The Emperor James Feist
SD- Case File 17-19 4 Pages Leigh Shepherd
Berserker 04 7 Pages Richmond Clements Steve Hills
Today's special: Kreeler Conspiracy 2 Pages Richmond Clements
Starscan- Johnny Alpha 2 Pages Mark Pexton
Shadow of the Mutant: 3 8 Pages Alec Robertson Bruce McLaren

Friday 17 April 2009

Dogbreath 20: Ready to Print!

I didn't think this issue was going to happen, Zarjaz had taken so much of my time that poor, neglected Dogbreath wasn't happening. Then I heard from an artist I have to admit I thought wasn't going to deliver and the issue began to take shape! As of about 15 minutes ago the issue is ready for the printer and looks bloomin' marvellous, if I say so myself.

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Zarjaz 07: Ready to Print!

As of last night I have the finished CD ready for the printer! Huzzah!

The quality of the work produced for this is remarkable- I know no-one who buys a copy of this will be dissappointed.

Next up is harvesting a set of preview images and getting the old ball rolloing sales wise.

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Convention Banner.

Appearing at all good conventions (which of course means the one's I'm at... This is our new banner. Featuring artwork created for us by Oliver Redding, PJ Holden, Dave Kendall, Boo Cook & Rufus Dayglo, this will help to show casual passers by that
this is the table they were looking for.

It 'should' be getting delivered to my house today.

Monday 6 April 2009

Zarjaz! Jon Haward.

Jon Haward has posted a preview of a page he's done for the new Zarjaz (07) which is now pretty damn imminent and bearing down on me like a flappin' Terramek!

Think it looks pretty nifty myself- but the printed version looks better...

Friday 3 April 2009

Pop gun Law!

The ever talented Oliver Redding has posted on his blog about his part in the creation of the artwork that will be promoting Zarjaz and siter title Dogbreath HERE! Cracking isn't it?

I'll post the final banner here when it is finished.