Monday 28 May 2012

Coming (not quite so) soon- Slaine- Night moves!

A special preview of the cover strip for Zarjaz 16. Slaine- Night Moves is by writer Richmond (Strip) Clements and artist Jon (2000 AD) Haward. Zarjaz 16 will be on sale in November 2012 and Jon has also done the cover, too!

Sunday 27 May 2012

Durham Red. Back in the prog.

On the 2000 ad tumblr, this colour version of Mark Pexton's pin_up from Dogbreath 24 has been posted.

1st Look- Tales of the GI- In the Zone

Now ready to be told- the third chapter in the saga of the un-named GI taken prisoner at the Quartz zone massacre. Last seen in Zarjaz 08, writer Michael Carroll and artist Bolt-01 continue to travel 'IN THE ZONE!'

As part of the preparation of this strip, the previous chapters will be made available to read.

Tuesday 22 May 2012


One of the events of the Bristol Expo this year was the selling of the final print copies of Dark Judgement. I only had a couple left, but it didn't take long for them to be snapped up!

My thanks to Richard, Conor and Jim for giving us two of the best specials it has ever been my ppleasure to see. And its nice to think that these may have had something to do with the recent return of the Dark Judges to the prog proper.

Cheers, chaps!

Friday 18 May 2012

Coming Soon- Zarjaz 15

Well, now that Bristol is done for the year, attention is being turned to the next wave of titles to be released. First up we have the summer issue of Zarjaz- issue 15. This issue is shaping up to be all Dredd-world with at least three strip featuring the man himself, including strips by MJ Howard and Alex Paterson, and Lee Robson and Kev Levell.  
More than that I'm not really at liberty to say, like for example the name of the droid providing the cover for the issue...

Zarjaz 15 will be on sale around the 1st of July for a mere £3.00 earth money.

Monday 7 May 2012

FQP Contributor in the Finals for an EAGLE!

Eek! I totally missed posting this earlier. Alex Wilson (FQ10- Groundbound, FQ19- A Bigger World Than Yours) is a finalist in the Eagle Award MCM New Talent competition. Awesome says Me, I'll put up a post.

HERE! is a post with his details on- as well as the strip itself,  but you'll need to get your skates on- The voting ends today! My bad for not posting this sooner.