Tuesday 31 July 2012

Coming soon- Thought Bubble 2012.

I'm rather pleased to say that I've managed to get myself a table for this years Thought Bubble gig, up in Leeds in November. This will be my fourth time at the most varied convention in the UK, and I'm very much looking forward to catching up with friends both old and new.

Comics wise I'll have new issues of both Zarjaz (16) and Dogbreath (26) as well as the latest issues of FutureQuake and Something Wicked, too. Drop by and say hi!

Monday 30 July 2012

Coming soon- ANDERSON, PSI- I, DEATH!

Crikey! Looks like Cass is having a rough time collecting her perp from the build-a-synthi-bear-factory outing for distubed juves!

Find out what happens next in I, DEATH by Lee Robson and Dunk! Nimmo. On sale in Zarjaz 16, due in November 2012.

Sunday 29 July 2012


WTF? Why the sneck is Johnny shooting a man in a straightjacket? Is he a mentalist Kreeler, out for revenge? Is he smuggling Gronks off world for hungry gourmands? Whatever his crime, you can be sure that Johnny is totally justified in his actions.

Find out what the sneck is going on in RILEY'S COLLAR, by Derek Hamill and Jon Taylor when it goes on sale as part of Dogbreath 26. Look for it at the Thought Bubble Convention in November!

Friday 27 July 2012


Got a bit of time to prime you folk out there for this. You've all read DARK JUDGEMENT, right? Well at Bristol 2011 I was asked by artist ROLAND BIRD if he could have a Judge Death story to draw? Well, says I, I'll have a word with a chap I know who might just be able to help you out.

Enter Rich McAuliffe, who runs the Everything comes Back to 2000 AD blog and podcasts and stuff. That very evening, over my first and his not first beer of the night, I asked him about a script for roland. No worries, Say Rich, I'll get right on it.

Three months later I sent him an email to remind him of this conversation.

However, when he did deliver- he delivered. This strip is so good that we are going to be developing a whole new special to contain it. Custom, bespoke thril containment and delivery vessels are being designed to house this strip, and the others that will make up the as yet untitled special.

When can you get it? Not till it's ready, which won't be for a while yet, as we keep breaking the thrill buffers of all exposed. However, one day...

Thursday 26 July 2012


Coming to Dogbreath 26, Strontium Dog- Wolves by the team of MJ Howard and David Broughton. This is Davids first proper foray into the world of Johnny Alpha following on from his help with last issues text story.

Dogbreath 26 will be on sale in November and available also at the Thought Bubble Expo! We're just too good for you, Norms!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

JUDGE DREDD- Master At Work

Back in 2010, I was working the table at Goldsmiths Uni for a one day gig in fair Londinium. A fine day, with a decent level of sales and some great chat.

Among them, if memory serves, was a discussion of how difficult it is to convey 'speed' in comics. The two gents I was speaking to were pitching me a strip featuring Mega-City One's finest on his Lawmaster. Intrigued I told them to make sure they mailed me the results when finished.

With that in mind I'm pleased to introduce Judge Dredd- Master at Work, by Andy Johnson and Stevie Denyer.

As always, click on the pics for larger images and please let me know what you think.

Monday 16 July 2012

Zarjaz 15 Reviews

Over on the always enjoyable Forbidden Planet Blog, regular blogger Richard has posted a very fair review of the latest issue.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Zarjaz 15- ON SALE NOW

Behind the astounding Judge Dredd cover by Edmund Bagwell, Peeps the butler droid gives you:

Armitage- Soze Method, 6 pages by writer Samson Horn, art & letters by Phillip Vaughan
JUDGE DREDD- Big Jimpin', 5 pages by writer Lee Robson, artist David Broughton and letterer Bolt-01
JUDGE DREDD- Finding Mino, 6 pages by writer Mark Howard, artist Alex Paterson and letterer Bolt-01
JUDGE DREDD- The Promise, 6 pages by writer Mark Howard, artist Alex Paterson and letterer Bolt-01
JUDGE DREDD- The Taking of Mopad 456, 5 pages by writer Lee Robson, artist Kevin Levell and letterer Bolt-01
Mega-City One Tales- Gawkers, 6 pages by writer Shaun Avery, artist Simon Bennett Hayes and letterer Bolt-01
Mega-City One Tales- Good to talk, 5 pages by writer Shaun Avery, artist Rich Wells (with Nora Rodriguez) and letterer Rich Wells
Tales from the Black Museum- Jinni in a bottle, 9 pages by writer Richmond Clements, artist Stephen Prestwood and letterer Bolt-01

Available from the link on the right.

Over on the 'Everything Comes Back to 2000AD' blog, Richard has made posted about the launch. Thanks Rich!

Dogbreath 03- Available for free!

Yup, it's that time again. The ever mysterious Doctor Bob has updated the archive of the original run of Dogbreath with the classic issue 03.

This issue features a cover by Darren Chandler and an interview with ALAN GRANT!

We're too good for you, norms.