Friday 27 November 2009

Durham Red: Long Time Coming- REMIX!

Fresh from the pages of Dogbreath 21- available still, don't tell me you don't have a copy. Matt Soffe has had his Durham Red strip,Long Time Coming remixed. Text has been added by message boarder 'LocustsofLove' and it works really well to me eyes.

To see how the strip looks in the original format, don't forget to check it against your copy of Dogbreath21!

Monday 23 November 2009

Thought Bubble 2009

This was the first time that I had attended Thought Bubble, but it won’t be the last. I’ve been to many conventions in the time I’ve been involved with the Small Press, but I can honestly say that from an exhibitors point of view- this was the best organised, and possibly the most varied I’ve ever seen.

The venue is superb, right opposite the Royal Armouries in Leeds, I managed to guide the Bolt-Mobile there with almost no mistakes at all, a rare feat. As soon as we entered the hall, we were greeted and shown to our table by one of Lisa’s horde of helpers. A change from one convention where I had to go looking for someone who knew where we were, or another where all we got was a numbered diagram that left us to work it out based on the relative position of the moon and the stars….

ANYWAY! We got set up quickly and away we went! As with any new gig I’d not got the slightest idea of what to expect, but for next year I’ll be more prepared for the vast number of Cos-players, both of the slightly scary Manga variety and the more normal Supergirl or Iron-Man type.

It was lovely to catch up with so many familiar faces at the show, and also to meet some folks I’d only ever spoken to via the internet before. Networking wise I managed to get a proper confirmation for an upcoming cover for Zarjaz, discovered a few juicy bits of info that might be of interest to readers of a certain Megazine and saw an upcoming cover for the galaxies greatest comic.

I also got to make a fool of myself in an interview, scoff a donut given to me by an actual Art-droid and even sell some comics!

Overall it was a quiet day, though I did get to sketch Gene the Hackman for one young reader of 2000ad who knew a lot more than I thought he would.

Next year I’m going to be unleashing my newest assistant- Micro-Bolt! Mini-Bolt will be away at Uni (where do the years go? I remember building his kit as if it was yesterday) and so the baton of minion will pass to the younger Micro-Bolt.

Friday 20 November 2009

Reminder: Thought bubble.

Just a quick note to remind all you good, good people that the Bolt-mobile will be making its way up the M1 in the early hours of the morning, laden with Zarjaz and Dogbreath for the fine people of Leeds.

If you have so far managed to avoid picking up copies of the finest fanzines in the known multiverse, then tomorrow is your chance to take a peek and see what you are missing.

And I'll even be scribbling sketches for those that want, and if asked nicely I'll spill the beans on the latest strip in to us, that I'm just waiting for final approval of.

See you tomorrow!

ABC Update

We've had quite a lot of interest in the chance to write scripts for the upcoming special issue (currently scheduled to be issue 11- spring 2011) featuring the ABC warriors, and following on from a particularly 'out there' brainstorming session between myself, Richmond and another artist, we think we have come up with a way of actually combining strips from the whole history of the Warriors, not tying them down to a particular era.

We also got a lot of interest over on 2000ad Online, where Davey Candlish posted this...

Which I think is fabulous.

More on this exciting project as it happens.

Friday 13 November 2009


NEVER TURN ON YOUR OWN is a 6 page strip intended for the next issue of DOGBREATH (22, spring 2010) written by Steven Denton and art by John Cahill.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

ZARJAZ Special- Call for writers.

We've decided that to celebrate the upcoming A.B.C. Warriors animation from Firestep & Rebellion we will begin to work on a special issue of ZARJAZ.

To that end what we'd like to do is feature seven strips in the issue- that is one for each warrior. So if you have a Mongrol script rattling around your noggin, or a desire to see Morrigun back for one more time, feel free to pitch to us at the usual address.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Rare chance to own a piece of ZARJAZ!

Back in Zarjaz 07, we were very proud to present the above pin-up by art droid Jon Haward. Now Jon is selling the artwork Here! and you can own it!

Best of luck to Jon in the auction and I hope he gets a truly Zarjaz sum for it!
Thanks to the Emperor for pointing me at this.

Friday 6 November 2009

November 2009: State of play.

I've recently been thinking that it might be of interest to folks out there to know what is going on currently.

So, Completed.
The cover to the next issue of Zarjaz (09) is completed and ready to use. It is our first Dredd cover, by Nigel Dobbyn.
Strip-wise we have:
Dreddheads by Paul Glasswell and Bolt-01- 1 page.
Judge Dredd- Death by Misadventure by Dave Hailwood and Stu Giddings- 6 pages.
Preview page ripped from Stu's Comicspace page
Rogue Trooper- Supplies by Steven Denton- 4 pages.
Tales of the G.I. In the Zone part 2 by Mike Carroll and Bolt-01- 5 pages
Judge Dredd- Father Figure by Paul Glasswell and Gibson Quarter- 6 pages
Page lifted from GQ's excellent blog

Over in Dogbreath we have, as ever, more Case files being analysed by Leigh.

Strip-wise so far we have:
Strontium Dog- Old Friend by Samson Horn and Jim Campbell- 5 pages.

And that is all :)

However we have quite a bit that is at the 'work' in progress' stage, but it would be rude of me to say what they were.