Saturday 21 February 2015

Zarjaz 23- cover.

The cover to Zarjaz 23 is by one of Tharg's absolute finest droids- the extraordinary Mark Harrison.

Thanks to Mark for providing us with our first Anderson cover since the '0' issue of Zarjaz 10 years ago!

Zarjaz 23 goes on sale on March 01st.

Praise Tharg.

Monday 16 February 2015

Coming Soon- ANDERSON PSI- In The Line Of Duty

Leading Zarjaz 23 is Aderson PSI- In The Line Of Duty by Lee Robson and Alfie Gallagher.
Alfie was kind enough to provide us with the above promo art (Click for a larger view) and the strip art is just as good.

Zarjaz 23 is on sale early March, for a mere £3.00.

Friday 6 February 2015

1st look- Future Shock- The Ballad of Phat Toonie.

Meet Phat Toonie, he's not a nice man- in fact he's downright nasty, and in the pages of Zarjaz 23 you will get to see that first hand in a rare Future Shock. The Ballad of Phat Toonie is by JJ Robinson and Mike Bunt.

Zarjaz 23 will be on sale in March 2015.