Friday 27 March 2009

STAK! Tales of the GI.

This strip started out as a one- off for 2000adreview and is featured HERE!.

It was well received and I thought that would be the end of it. Then along came STAK and I reformatted it slightly to fit on the printed page and it was seen again.

Somewhere along the way, Mike Carroll wrote a second episode, called "In the Zone" and I drew that for the first issue of Zarjaz we had planned (05) Now I am currently pencilling the second episode of In the Zone, and looking forward to reading what Mike has planned for our un-named protagonist.

Here is the version of IN THE DARK that appeared in Stak!, enjoy.

Status update:

Things are starting to roll in for Zarjaz 07 now, resulting in (as of today's date) 17 interior pages delivered. Everything else is promised before deadline.

The downside of all the interest in Zarjaz though is that Dogbreath has been sort of forgotten about... not by many folks, but unfortunately I don't have that many pages of strip coming in. Something I'll have to rectify.

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Dogbreath 17: SOLD OUT!

My thanks again to everyone who worked on the issue, and to all those of you who bought it. This issue was the last to be produced before we took over on Zarjaz, and is also the last issue that was not available through Forbidden Planet. As usual I'll be posting snippets from the comic here in future, mainly text pages.

Friday 20 March 2009

Interview: Peter J. Evans

I seem to have milabelled the piece I wanted to post today- so I'm bringing you instead a chance to read the interview that Richmond did with Peter J Evans about his run of Durham Red novels for the Black Flame library.

Friday 13 March 2009

STAK: Scrapheap Challenge

This was a strip that was specially commissioned for STAK, and features two of my favourite characters. Richmond wrote this to order and James provided some fantastic artwork. I'll have to see abouot getting them to do more I think...


Friday 6 March 2009

STAK: Witnesses of war Pt1

This strip was written by Andrew Bartlett, and was originally housed on the 2000ad online website, but since the official revamp of the site it may be found HERE, at Barney.

When we started gathering strips for STAK, our first thught was to gather in one place a lot of the webstrips from various places under a single cover. I rescanned the original art and asked my usual collaborator Richmond to do the colouring in. I then reworked the lettering and away it went. Not the finest thing I've ever drawn, but I had a lot of fun drawing this.


STAK: Witnesses of War Pt 2

My thanks to Andrew and Richmond for their help with this strip.