Tuesday 26 July 2011

Strip Exclusive- The Kill Fee

Stewart Moore is a comics creator working on something special for a future edition of Dogbreath. He has also kindly allowed us to post the following strip here. Presenting-

The Kill Fee!

As always, click on the pages to view a larger version.

1st Look- Judge Dredd: Rich Pickings

New to Zarjaz, Judge Dredd- Rich Pickings sees trouble at the latest big-time sport to hit the sticky streets of M-C 1. Writer Derek Hamill and Zarjaz Favourite George Coleman dig deep to pull a juicy one out for you!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

More Scotch Corner! Kev Levell on Durham Red!

Scotch Corner has another familiar name over there today- Kev Levell is one of the most outstanding artists working today- here he talks briefly about his work, and displays a Durham Red piece.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Scotch Corner- Neil Roberts on Wulf!

Over at the rather splendid Scotch Corner, Art-droid Neil Roberts talks about his life in comics, and brings his Wulf Sternhammer cover for Dogbreath 22 to the table! Hopefully Neil will be back in the pages of Zarjaz before long with more of Al Ewings 'sequals'

Saturday 16 July 2011

Post Away!

As the evidence shows- The comics are now on their way! This little lot took three nights to prep, and involved lots of help from both Micro and Nano Bolt. And it cost me £140 to post out, including comics to OZ and Spain! Expect the patter of thrill-powered packages from monday on.

Friday 15 July 2011

Zarjaz 12 & Dogbreath 24 pimpery!

 In Zarjaz 12 we take the time to introduce you to Constable Dredd, as he walks the Cursed Beat in victorian era England. By Rich McAuliffe and Mark Chilcott.
Over in Dogbreath 24, we present Death of a Mutant by Mark Pexton and Toby Philp, which sees Johnny making a trip to MK to help police with their enquiries...

In other news- the post is all ready to go- all contributors and shops should have copies of the new comics by the end of the week.

Remember to enjoy Thrill power resonsibly- we don't want burned out receptors.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Dogbreath 24 and Zarjaz 12: Linkfest!

Some of the contributors for Zarjaz are blogging about their work in Zarjaz 12, starting with:

David Frankum talking about his work on Zenith/Invasion...

The Emperor talks about his work on Mr Sun and Mr Moon for Dogbreath 24.

Matt McLaughlin shares about his work on Strontium Dogs- Catch of the Day.

Over at Down The Tubes,  John Freeman covers the release of the new issues as does The Forbidden Planet blog!

Over at the Massacre: For Boys! Chris Denton talks about his work on Zenith/Invasion.

Mark Chillcott has posted about his work on Constable Dredd...

The rather excellent blog, Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD has a pair of reviews up for Z12. One here and the other here!

The rather talented Luis Chichon talks about his work on Zarjaz 12, Fat Chancers!

Not content with reviewing the issues in print- the Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD lads have reviewed the comics on a PODCAST! Visit the link page to download your copy! (Warning- may not be suitable for younger Earthlets)

Friday 8 July 2011

Zarjaz 12

Arriving in your conciousness for all time- Zarjaz 12 brings a heightened warning for Thrill-power overload. Do not try to read this in one sitting. Claims for compensation will not be entertained.

The awesome- award winning Alex Ronald provides us with the cover for issue 12, and sees the first annual Judge Dredd summer cover!

Inside we present for you:

Constable Dredd-The Cursed Beat (Writer) Richard McAuliffe (Art) Mark Chilcott (letters) Bolt-01
Zenith-Invasion  (Writer)  Chris Denton (Art & Letters) David Frankum
ToM-C1- Fat Chancers  (Writer) Alexi Conman (Art & Letters) Luis Chichon
Judge Fish  (Writer)  David Withers (Art & Letters) Phillip Vaughan
Slaine- Tattered Wings  by Liam Sharp (Yes, Liam Sharp!)
Judge Dredd- Moon in the Undercity  (Writer) Paul Glasswell (Art) Dave Thomson (letters) Bolt-01

Further previews will be forthcoming soon!
Remember- It's not called Zarjaz for nothing!

Dogbreath 24

At Last- We are proud to present Dogbreath 24- 48 pages of stone cold classic Search/Destroy action.

Behind the rather awesome cover by the ever talented Nigel dobbyn we present:

Strontium Dog- Death of a mutant   (Writer) Mark Pexton (Art) Toby Philp (Letters) Bolt-01
The Gronk- Small Universe 2  (Writer) Nigel Dobbyn (Art) Nigel Dobbyn (Letters) Nigel Dobbyn - completing the tale bagun last issue!
Strontium Dog- A Moments Hesitation (Writer) Miles Reid (Art) Bruce McLaren (Letters) Bolt-01
SD's-CatchOfTheDay (Writer) Matthew McLaughlin (Art) Ryan Thomason (Letters) Bolt-01
Impetigo Jones - The Big Scab. (Writer) Greg Meldrum (Art) David Broughton (Letters) Bolt-01
Interview: A question of Rage (Writer) Shaun Avery talks to John Wagner & Alan Grant!
Case File Interludes- (Writer)  Leigh Shepherd looks at the tales from various annuals and specials!
Strontium Dog- Served Cold   (Writer) Richmond Clements (Art) Matt Soffe (Letters) Bolt-01
S&M06- Reservation Dogs  (Writer)  The Emperor (Art) James Feist (Letters) Bolt-01
Star Scan- Durham Red  (Art) Mark Pexton