Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Zarjaz 13: Cover!

Yup- That's STAZ JOHNSON drawing Rogue Trooper for Zarjaz. Awesome, isn't it? Zarjaz 13 will be on sale after November 1st, and the cover will also be available as part of  the Wallpapers section of the blog.

Staz was asked a while ago to provide the cover for Zarjaz, and he was only too pleased to take part, except that he didn't like my original choice of cover strip. After a very brief moment to think it was decided that Rogue Trooper would be the perfect candidate to let Staz flex his considerable artistic muscles!

Here is the line work for the cover Staz kindly supplied. As the more eagle-eyed among you will have noticed, Staz based his work on a classic cover by Frank Frazetta; however, he also missed out on the wraparound aspect of the Zarjaz covers. That is why the cover for the issue is cropped as it is.

A huge thanks once again to Staz for providing us with one of the strongest Zarjaz images we've had.


james newell said...

lovely cover, who did the colouring?

FQP Dave said...

Staz coloured it himself- and a superb job it is- wait till you see the full size version.