Saturday 26 November 2011

New Strips- coming soon

Now that 13 is available and Thought Bubble is done with for the year, I can begin to show you some of the things we've had delivered over the last few weeks.

First up we have BAD Company- Krool Intentions by Mark Pexton and James Newell. Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 15.
Next we have Strontium Dog- One Day in Redemption by Alec Robertson and Steven Denton. Currently scheduled for Dogbreath 25.

Next we have Tales from the Back Museum- The Mych by Mike Lynch and Owen Watts. Currently scheduled for Zarjaz 15.

Finally catching up we have Strontium Dogs- Doc Death- Blood from a Stone by Greg Meldrum and David Broughton. Currently scheduled for Dogbreath 25.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by at the table over the Thought Bubble weekend, and especially to Mr Owen Watts for his help in running the table. Our next day out is now booked for February 25-26th at the Cardiff Comic Expo so I look forward to seeing you there. I might even have Zarjaz 14 early!

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