Sunday, 22 January 2012

Zarjaz 14- Cover.

Well, I can now reveal to you all the beauty of a cover that decorates the mighty ZARJAZ 14!

The astoundingly talented Colin MacNeil once again graces us with his talent. This time Colin brings Devlin Waugh with him for his first Zarjaz cover.

Zarjaz 14 is officially released on March 1st, but I'll have copies for sale at Cardiff the week before for those lucky enough to see me there!

This is Colins second cover for us here, as he was the artist that covered the first issue we produced, Zarjaz 05.

This is also our 10th issue, which by my thinking means that we've put out more of these than any other publisher!


Proudhuff said...

Well hello sailor! Colin of Finland does another smashing job.

Flint Lockjaw said...

What's the line up?

FQP Dave said...

That would be telling... But I know of a really cool centrespread that is running. Thought you might like to know about that.