Saturday, 23 July 2016

Summer 2016 news!

Hi all, and here we go with another collection of reviews for the new issues as well as any bits of news while I think of it.

First off- Small Press Day was a blast. Myself and NanoBolt attended at both 'The Comic Shop' in Macclesfield and Nostalgia & Comics back in the wastes of Brum on the day.

Macc was a grand trip. It was great meet Dan, catch up with Chris and see a proper nice comic shop. We sold a few comics, talked some nonsense and left the shop with stock of both the Zarjaz summer special and the latest issue of FutureQuake. 

Nostalgia & Comics is the closest thing FQP have to a 'home' shop so it was a treat to be able to sit and actually chat to the staff and other SP dayers there. We met up with Steve of TimeBomb Comics, who was selling copies of Flintlock, which has some lovely lettering if I do say so myself and got to have a nice long chat with long time collaborator Roland Bird, who provided NanoBolt with a sketch of the Legion of Superheroes 'Lightning Lass.' Roland was knocking it out of the park with his sketches that day.

Dave Broughton has been in touch to let us know that he was interviewed on the AWESOME COMICS PODCAST. I really do need to make time to listen to this, as Dave is a great conversationalist and a comics making machine to boot!

Other news while I think about it: We have sold out of copies of Zarjaz 05, 19 & 20. There are currently no plans to reprint those issues so a huge thanks go out to all those who either contributed or purchased a copy of those issues!

I'm sure there is plenty of other stuff I've not thought of, but once I do- I'll post it here!

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